12 Strangest Facts About Coffee You Didn’t Know

coffee bean 2If there’s one drink that’s universally loved, its coffee. Well, maybe beer too, but coffee does have a special place in many a heart-even if the heart in question love to booze. And it is also one of those drinks that has intriguing tales to tell. here are some of the strangest facts about coffee you didn’t know.

  • The magic of coffee was discovered thanks to…goats!

Its said that it was Ethiopian shepherds who first realized the stimulating effects of coffee. As with many discoveries in history, this one was too accidental-the shepherds made the discovery when they saw the goats began dancing around after consuming coffee berries.

  • The world’s most expensive coffee is made from poop

Black Ivory coffee is the most expensive variety of coffee. And you wouldn’t guess the source from which its made-elephant dung. Another type of coffee called Luwak is made by feeding coffee beans to mongoose and then using its faeces. The cost of this coffee is around $160 per pound.

  • In Turkey, a husband’s inability to provide the wife with coffee was enough grounds for divorce 

the law is not around anymore. But it makes sense that coffee should be considered significant to marital bliss as coffee drinkers are generally happy and happy couples ought to make a happy marriage.

  • Coffee is, in fact a fruit

Coffee beans are pits of berries. The coffee berries are an edible fruit, they have coffee beans inside. The only reason they’re called beans is because they look like beans.

  • Coffee is the second most sold thing in the world

The most sold thing, we all know is oil-as in fuel. However, its coffee-a fuel for humans in many ways, that comes in second.

  • Coffee helps you live longer

Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. This fights the chemicals called free radicals in the body which lowers risks of diseases including Parkinson’s, Type 2 disease and heart diseases.

  • Caffeine is in fact crystals

You know that whats primarily responsible for the ‘kick’ or the ‘buzz’ that you get from drinking coffee is caffeine. Now, the interesting part is that caffeine is microscopic crystals-just 0.0016 inches in size to be precise. Well, you know that they say never estimate anyone or anything based on size.

  • England once banned coffee houses as the King thought that’s where all the rebels hung out

It’s unclear whether King Charles the second had anything against coffee per se. However, what is known is that in 1675 he issued a ban on coffee shops as he was of the opinion that it was in coffee houses that the people met to conspire against him.

  • Caffeine makes working out even better

Not only does caffeine increases the adrenaline levels in the body, it also releases fatty acids from fat tissues. This has the effect of increasing your physical performance if you drink coffee before working out.

  • According to science, the maximum intake of coffee that wouldn’t kill you is only 100 cups per day. So take it easy, will ya?
  • Some researchers say that coffee beans can run motor engines in the coming centuries

We know that fossil fuel is not exactly the most abundant thing on planet. And on our search for a feasible alternative, scientists have turned to many sources-wind, sunlight, coffee beans… Imagine drinking a cuppa sitting inside a car that also has coffee beans for fuel. Talk about being in sync!

  • Before it became a drink, coffee was food

Mixing coffee berries with fat to create a snack ball, that’s tasty and energy-rich was something many in the earlier ages were found cool. Not that we would be against it if its served these days. Also, wine made from the pulp of coffee berries also used to be common in the list of drinks.

Maybe you were sipping a cup of coffee while you were reading this piece, or maybe you are gonna grab a cuppa now, or maybe both. Whatever it is, while enjoying the next rush of caffeine to your head, you can maybe take a moment to appreciate how strangely wonderful the drink actually is.


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