Mexican (Very) Vegetable and Bean Soup with Jalapeño-Herb Topping

food to glow

Super easy midweek supper with loads of vegetables (whatever is seasonal for you), herbs, subtle spice and the kick of brined jalapeños, with optional herb and jalapeño topping. family-friendly topped with tortilla chips, or a bit more grown-up with smoky chilli paste and yogurt. Freezes well and is great with added cooked grains too. Naturally vegan and gluten-free. One of the things I love most about autumn is the fact that I can legitimately enjoy soup. Of course, one can enjoy soup at any time, but as I hail from a hot climate the idea of soup in the summer jars. Badly. To me it feels like wearing a wool coat and Uggs to the pool. Just wrong.

For work, I make soup pretty much year-round (Scots expect it, as it is quite cool year-round, save that one Tuesday in July that catches you out). Sometimes gazpacho or this beetroot, fennel and cumin soup, or a kind of soup stew hybrid that doesn’t mind being served at room temperature. Even if the thermometer barely troubles the high-teens Celsius, I would never think of ordering soup at a cafe until sometime deep into September. Not until the nighttime temperatures plunge and the daytime is hallmarked by a golden light not…

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